Types of Roofing

Different Types of Roofing Materials

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The roofing industry has exploded recently and there are now more roofing materials available than ever. While fantastic, this also presents a problem for the homeowner trying to decide exactly which material they want to use for their roof installation or replacement.

There is also a multitude of further complicating factors that further change which material is best for your home including the slope of the roof, its complexity, the home's style, the local climate, and, as always, the price.

Here at Paragon Roofing our experienced team of contractors works closely with you to help you decide which roof would be best for your home while accounting for all these factors. But to help you decide we've also included an overview of many of the different roof materials available. 

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Asphalt & asphalt fiberglass shingles

Asphalt Shingles

Manufacturers have created asphalt shingles that imitate the look of wood and slate.

Most roof shingles used today are technically known as asphalt fiberglass shingles, although the terms are often used interchangeably. The reason for the name is the fiberglass mat embedded into each to provide an extra measure of strength and tear resistance.

Sloped roofs are where these types of shingles truly shine thanks to their durability, affordability, and easy installation. They are also highly customizable thanks to the many different colors available. Premium grades of "laminated" asphalt fiberglass shingles are also typically warrantied for 50 years.

Rubber roofing

Rubber Roofing

Rubber membrane roofs are often used to seal flat roofs over garages and porches. Credit: EPDM Roofing Association

Rubber roofing, despite the commonness of the material, is actually pretty new. The issue with rubber has traditionally been that it is difficult to create a thin membrane that nonetheless boasts high durability and waterproofing qualities. Now that it has finally been developed it serves as an excellent option for low-slope and flat roofs, like the kind you might see on a garage. Rubber roofing is also sometimes referred to as EPDM roofing, an abbreviation for ethylene propylene diene monomer. EPDM is the compound central to the manufacture of most rubber roofing.

A "membrane roof" usually refers to a rubber or EPDM roof that is installed in a flat roof or a low-slope application. Many commercial buildings have membrane roofs; few houses do.

Composite roofing

Composite Tile

Composite shingles carry some of the industry’s longest warranties.

"Composite" can actually be a bit confusing as it simply means several different materials are used in the manufacturing process. However, one of the most common types, and what people often mean by composite roofing, is simulated roofing slate. This simulated slate is made from resins and from rubber compounds extracted from reclaimed tires. Besides being green, this slate look-a-like offers excellent longevity and a lower installation price than slate roofing despite looking much the same. 

Metal roofing

Metal Tile

Metal roofing styles range from standing seam styles to shingle look-a-likes.

Metal roofing is a very broad category. It can refer to factory-formed and finished roofing panels as well as roofing panels that are cut and formed at the building site. This style of roofing is not particularly suitable for complex or curved roofs, but nonetheless has a history of use on homes, farms, and commercial buildings. One major benefit is that it is easy to install directly over an older roof, circumventing the usual need to tear off the old material.

Corrugated roofing

Corrugated roofing

Corrugated metal roofing panels offer a great solution for sheds and other garden structures.

Corrugated roofing consists of a thin sheet consisting of symmetrical patterns of alternating ridges and grooves. Occasionally large shingles are available but normally corrugated roofing comes as a sheet. This type of roofing can be made from steel, polycarbonate or an asphalt-fiberglass composite. It's fairly rare for homes as it is generally better suited to agricultural and commercial buildings as well as small sheds. One important advantage with corrugated roofing is that it can be fastened down over an existing shingled roof without removing the original roofing material.

Flat roofing

New Jersey & Greater Philadelphia's flat roof contractor

Because any flat roof is inherently prone to leaking, it’s important to hire skilled installers whenever flat roofing is repaired, replaced or installed.

This roofing category is often grouped with “low-slope” roofing because many of the roofing treatments are the same. The most common flat-roofing materials used on residential and commercial buildings today include single-membrane systems like EPDM or rubber roofing, thermo-polyolefin (TPO) roofing and PVC roofing. Metal roofing is sometimes used on low-slope roofs, but not on flat roofs.

High-density Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing is a system that coats the roof with a continuous layer of foam insulation that can also serve as the finished roof surface (as long as a protective coating is applied over the foam).

Energy-efficient shingles

Cool roof shingles

ENERGY STAR® qualified roof shingles can lower roof surface temperature by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

ENERGY STAR® rated shingles provide all the protection you expect for your roof while also helping increase the energy efficiency of your home. A cool roof is designed to reflect solar energy, decreasing the amount of heat that's transferred to your home's interior and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable.

When installed properly, energy-efficient shingles can offer savings on energy bills. Reflective roof products can also reduce UV damage and extend the life of the roof. Many cool roof products qualify for energy rebates and incentives.

Choosing the right roofer is just as important as using quality materials

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